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Welcome to my web site about history and genealogy of families with Oziembłowski (Oziębłowski/Ozembloski/Ozem) surname


My name is Maciej Oziembłowski. I am scientist and academic teacher working for one of the Universities in Wrocław, Poland. My hobby is history and genealogy, also history and genealogy of my Family and all Oziembłowski Families from all over the world.

The aim of my web site is collection of historical and genealogical documents about different families with Oziembłowski (Oziębłowski/Ozembloski/Ozem) surname, both in Poland and abroad. My investigations are two types: "classical" (i.e. documents) and biological (i.e. results obtained from "genetic genealogy"). I successively publish information both discovered from different documents and obtained from DNA laboratory.

The most information on "Oziemblowski.EU" web site is written in Polish, nevertheless I am trying to give some important information also in English. Sometimes you can find my inner web site written only in English or written only in Polish, but my many "inner sites" are written in Polish with English short explanations, especially where these web sites are about photos, graphics, maps or source documents. So please look also on Polish version sites, because sometimes you can find there English explanations.

If you are from Oziembłowski Family (or bearing another variants that surname like Oziemblowsky, Ozembloski, Ozem, etc.) or if you are in "blood relation" with Oziembłowski or you knows something about Oziembłowski Family, please contact with me.

If possible, please send me your historical and genealogical information about all Oziembłowski Families you know. Genealogical trees are very welcome!
My e-mail is: maciej@oziemblowski.eu.

I invite for co-operation all persons interested in common learing of the Oziembłowski (Oziębłowski) Families past!

Maciej Oziembłowski, Ph.D.

Last modifications of English or Polish&English language inner web sites:
04 Jan., 2011: New page with Polish&English descriptions was added:
20 photos gallery of people from Niżankowice (1918-1939)
01 Jan., 2011: New page with Polish&English descriptions was added: Scans of the documents connected with Jewish Family of Hubner from Niżankowice near Przemyśl (Niżankowice was one of the "nests" of Oziembłowski Family)
12 Dec., 2010: New article in English language was added: Statistical investigation of STR Y-DNA haplotypes in I1-M253P (I1-ASP) subclad using of "multidimensional scaling" and "cluster analysis"
Contact: maciej@oziemblowski.eu
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